Visionar has developed a line of test benches for testing powertrains and e-bike engines.

These test benches allow efficient and repeatable measurement of:

Torque vs rpm

Power vs rpm


Engine efficiency

Controller efficiency

Electrical quantities

Component temperature

Road simulation test (with implementation of loads that replicate a defined route, also importable from telemetry or acquisitions on the real bicycle).

Acquisition of quantities via any CAN lines present on the powertrain (for example the CAN line of the batteries or the engine controller).

In addition to the average values ​​of the physical quantities, it is also possible to acquire the waveforms in the pedaling cycle (i.e., for example, the shape of the torque delivered in a complete rotation of the pedals) as a function of the angle.

The test benches are able to simulate cooling by managing and varying the speed of the cooling air; they also simulate the inputs to the odometer, allowing benchmarking tests to be carried out (simulating the installation on the real bicycle).

To carry out realistic tests there is an engine that simulates the dynamics of the pedal stroke: it is possible to vary a series of parameters in order to replicate a real pedal stroke of a cyclist, this parameterisation was created in the Visionar department which deals with modeling starting from the scientific literature and experimental measurements carried out specifically for the development of the test systems.

It is possible to have a fixed or variable and bidirectional DC power supply to simulate the discharge and charging of the battery.

The Visionar e-bike power train benches allow easy setting of test cycles, a simple data analysis and storage procedure and allow a bidirectional interconnection with factory or laboratory information systems (industry 4.0)