What do we do

We follow the entire project flow starting from the technical-economic feasibility analysis, to the design, the creation of prototypes, testing and fine-tuning. We support our customers in their outsourcing needs of the design phases with our expertise in fluid dynamics, noise and vibrations, mechatronics, mechanical design. Our continuous collaboration with local universities allows us to employ cutting-edge technological knowledge. We act as Project Managers in the coordination of complex outsourced projects. As Innovation Manager we help companies to integrate new technologies such as Simulators for Rapid Prototyping, Virtual Simulation and Cyber-Physical Systems into their Research and Development process.

Mechanical and electrical design integrated in solid works

FEM structural simulations

Modal and vibrational analysis

Fluid dynamics simulation

Dynamic simulations

Electromagnetic simulations

Turnkey prototype production

In product development, the prototyping phase and subsequent testing are essential to understand if the given specifications have been respected. Through our network of suppliers and our internal equipment we can create prototypes of mechanical and mechatronic systems

Mechanical Prototypes
Technologies used: chip removal, powder sintering, stereolithography, silicone or prototype molding.

Mechatronic prototypes
The control and measurement systems used are based on National Instruments platforms, PLC Siemens, Wago, Arduino.
Systems modeling is done with MatLab or SciLab (model based control system).