Visionar designs and manufactures test benches for electric pumps with automatic or semi-automatic measurement of:

– Flow rate

– Pressure (total and static)

– rpm

– Electric power, voltage and current

– NPSH test

– Tests carried out in accordance with ISO5198 and ISO9906

– Measurement of the torque absorbed by the pump (with calculation of the fluid dynamic efficiency)

– Constant voltage, constant rpm and constant duty cycle tests (PWM control for brushless motors)

– Single-phase 100-260V, three-phase 230-500V, 50 and 60Hz adjustable power supply

– Connection with proprietary performance simulation software

– Device starting test

On the end-of-line benches, quick coupling and fast filling and emptying systems using compressed air are used.

Tests can be performed automatically or manually.

The range of test benches that can be manufactured allows covering a range of products ranging from 3m – 0.5m3/h up to over 100m – 500m3/h.

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