Visionar manufactures test benches and end-of-line tests for motorcycles, both with internal combustion engines and electric. The benches can be supplied already positioned in a structure with an independent soundproofed cabin and related ventilation systems.

The test system is based on a single multifunctional station in which all the tests listed below are carried out. The technology developed by Visionar is able to reproduce the motion on a straight road through the use of 2 roller modules with a self-regulating tension transmission system, which interconnects them: the rear wheel of the motorcycle is thus suitably loaded and can also transmit motion to the front wheel.

The wheelbase is adjusted automatically via an electrical actuation: each tested product code is linked to the correct wheelbase. In this way it is also possible to test product codes that are different from each other in sequence.


To guarantee the correct load on the wheels and avoid slipping, special load pistons can be activated which impose a vertical force defined directly on the wheel hubs.

The motorcycle clamping system was designed by Visionar to allow tests to be carried out in total safety. It allows large free passage areas, both when entering in the test area and with the operator on or alongside the motorbike.


The tests that can be performed are the following:

– Power test

– Acceleration test

– Emissions test (with CO, CO2, Nox, HC reading)

– Brake test and ABS functionality on front and rear wheel

– Road simulation with reproduction of aerodynamic, weight and friction loads with motion transmission also to the front wheel

The cycle time for carrying out the entire test cycle is less than 4 minutes.


As mentioned, the test benches can be supplied with a soundproofed chamber with a reduction of 25-35dB, according to the various needs.

The same rooms can be equipped with:

– Ventilation system for air exchange

– Ventilation system for engine cooling

-Ventilation system for extracting fumes and petrol vapours

– oil filtering and odour abatement system in the exhaust fumes (specific for 2-stroke engines)

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