Visionar designs and manufactures test benches for electric motors, both for end-of-line testing and for laboratory tests.


For end-of-line testing, the test benches have the following functions:

  • Electrical safety test (HV, insulation resistance, earth wire)
  • Winding resistance test
  • Surge test
  • Measurement of electrical parameters on all gears
  • Vibration test on two axes, with suspended seismic mass cradle
  • RPM measurement by vibration
  • Check direction of rotation
  • Manual variac or programmable electronic power source
  • automatic or manual selection of the starting capacitor, if present
  • Single or double station
  • Test time 8-10 seconds


The laboratory test benches for electric motors have the following features

  • Torque-rpm curve
  • Power-rpm curve
  • Efficiency curve
  • Measurement of controller efficiency
  • Measurement of the temperature of the electric motor windings in real time (during operation), with automatic multiplexer scanning on the various PSC motor windings, this feature is also applicable to BLDC or PMSM motors or with inverters
  • Measurement of the magnetic parameters of the rotor
  • BEMF measurement
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