Visionar designs and manufactures test benches for boilers, heat pumps, HIUs and heating systems.

In particular, it is possible to test:

– Combustion

– Reliability

– Functionality


The boiler test benches for R&D laboratories can be used in 2 ways:

  1. Automatic execution of tests according to international standards or internal test procedures
  2. Execution in interactive mode for R&D testing.


Execution in automatic mode

In this mode, the tests are predefined in the software according to the standards, or test plans can be created with variants compared to the standard plans. There is a series of parameters that can be set by the bench control software which allows the creation of customized test plans.


Exectution in interactive mode

This function allows the user to manage open test plans. He can set up each bench resource by working with the mouse and keyboard on a synoptic graphical diagram representing the bench’s various circuits. All the active elements (on-off valves, proportional valves, modulating valves, switches, pumps, etc.) can be managed from the synoptic.


Standard test plans for testing gas boilers and gas water heaters can be drawn up in accordance with the following standards:

– tests according to the European ERP standard

– tests of the DHW circuit of gas appliances according to EN13203

– tests of gas water heaters according to EN26 – GB6932 – CJ/T 395 – AS5263

– tests on gas water heaters according to ANSI Z21.10.3 – CSA 4.3

– tests on gas boilers according to ASHRAE 103

– tests according to the Chinese standard GB25034


These benches are designed to communicate with the factory information systems from an i4.0 perspective and allow the plant conditions of the boiler or heating system under test to be replicated.

Benches were also designed and built to test the behavior in the presence of corrosive liquids in order to carry out endurance tests.

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